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Jeff Olsommer

State Representative,
Pennsylvania House District 139


The proof:

Believes life begins at conception and opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Says he would talk to more women before deciding whether to reduce the state’s ban on most abortions after 24 weeks.

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Tell Jeff how important abortion rights are to you:

This legislator has made their anti-choice position clear. They intend to enact laws that would further limit access to abortion.

How to reach him:
What to say:

Call your legislator to share how important abortion rights are to you. While you're on the phone, try to gain a deeper understanding of their exact position.

  • Introduce yourself, including your relation to the district.
  • Emphasize your role in the local community.
  • Explain why abortion rights are important to you.
  • Ask if they will commit to voting for any legislation that will protect the right to an abortion.
  • If they say no, ask which abortion restrictions they are pushing for.