Chris Sainato

State Representative · District 9 · Democrat

Despite a consistently anti-choice voting record, we'd prefer Chris to win this seat over his opponent, due to his vote against SB 106.

What has Chris done to take away abortion rights?

What has Chris said about reproductive rights?

Tell Chris how important abortion rights are to you:

This legislator has made their anti-choice position clear. They intend to enact laws that would further limit access to abortion.

Call your legislator to share how important abortion rights are to you. While you're on the phone, try to gain a deeper understanding of their exact position.

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  • Introduce yourself, including your relation to the district.
  • Emphasize your role in the local community.
  • Explain why abortion rights are important to you.
  • Ask if they will commit to voting for any legislation that will protect the right to an abortion.
  • If they say no, ask which abortion restrictions they are pushing for.
There are no good choices for District 9.

Both candidates for State Representative of District 9 have shown they oppose abortion rights:

Photo of the candidate

Chris Sainato

Voted to pass a bill that would prohibit all dilation and evacuation abortions, and ban any abortion after 20 weeks, without exceptions.
Answered "Yes" to "Should our state constitution be amended to prevent taxpayer funding for elective abortions?"
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Next Steps: Get involved in Josh Shapiro's Campaign for governor.

The Pennsylvania Governor is our last line of defense against anti-choice bills, because they must approve any law that passes the State House and State Senate.

Josh Shapiro is deeply pro-choice, and has promised to veto any anti-choice legislation that the state legislature may pass.

He is running against Doug Mastriano, who believes abortion should be illegal. If we want to retain the right to an abortion in Pennsylvania, Josh must become Governor.

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