Todd Stephens

State Representative · District 151 · Republican

Despite anti-choice votes in the past, Todd has consistently voted pro-choice, against party lines, since 2014.

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This legislator has consistently shown that they will protect abortion rights.

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District 151 will be Pro-Choice!

Both candidates for State Representative of District 151 have shown they support abortion rights. Check out their campaign websites to learn more about where they stand.

Planned Parenthood has endorsed this candidate for the 2022 General Assembly Election.
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Todd Stephens

Voted against a bill that includes a constitutional amendment declaring that abortion is not a constitutional right.
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Next Steps: Get involved in Josh Shapiro's Campaign for governor.

The Pennsylvania Governor is our last line of defense against anti-choice bills, because they must approve any law that passes the State House and State Senate.

Josh Shapiro is deeply pro-choice, and has promised to veto any anti-choice legislation that the state legislature may pass.

He is running against Doug Mastriano, who believes abortion should be illegal. If we want to retain the right to an abortion in Pennsylvania, Josh must become Governor.

Learn more about Josh →